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Wonder Buddies Make Playtime Fun and Educational

Your toddler probably already has so many toys and you’re unsure of what to get them for Christmas that’s different. You browse the aisles in the toy store — or the unending, reloading pages on Amazon — looking for a toy that isn’t just fun but also will teach them certain skills. Well, this year Tiny Love has come out with a new toy designed to promote developmental growth in toddlers. Wonder Buddies are cute interactive characters that have smart sensors that work to develop communication, cognition, creativity, emotion skills, and more through two-way communication.


Designed specifically with one-year-olds in mind, Wonder Buddies are small enough to fit in your toddler’s hand. They’ll love the colorful and cute animals — there’s a rabbit, mouse, and lion. Each toy is equipped with seven activities including playing peek-a-boo, tickling, feeding, bouncing, sneezing, sleeping, and wobbling, all of which teach toddlers crucial skills.

Wonder Buddies

When you play peek-a-boo, the toddler will hide the toy and the Wonder Buddy will yell “Yoohoo!” to summon them. They’ll clap and cheer when they’re found. When your child tickles his Wonder Buddy, its heart will glow. And when he feeds it, they’ll hear it nibble. They’ll even be able to put their Wonder Buddy to bed and hear it snore. The engaging play patterns teach toddlers cause and effect, as well as delayed gratification and fine motor skills.

All of these activities allow toddlers to gain crucial knowledge and strengths in a fun and interactive setting. The toys are designed for both independent play and play with mom, dad, or siblings. Mom and dad can help to encourage cognition by doing things like pressing the belly and saying, “What happens when I press his belly? He giggles!” This game will improve your child’s vocabulary and teach them about cause and effect. Wonder Buddies also come with seven complementary play cards to give parents tips on games to play together. Each card describes the certain skill the child will learn from the action.

Wonder Buddies are available at Amazon . A Wonder Buddy is the perfect gift for this holiday season — and one that you can feel good about giving, knowing it’s both fun and educational.



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