About Babypalooza

Launched in 2005 by Cecilia Pearson, Babypalooza equips new and expectant moms for motherhood through virtual and live events, online courses, and connection to a product marketplace.

In 2017 the non-profit was also formed with a mission to provide solutions and address the extremely high maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States through education and parental support. Especially among black moms who are four times more likely to die in childbirth than white moms.

We meet moms where they are. Moms want education and information but they also want fun and community. Babypalooza partners with Lifestages Media Inc. to use a fun, free, and dynamic approach to reaching and educating pregnant women. 

Babypalooza partners with non-profit and for-profit partners for leveraged impact.

The non-profit partners such as the local Health Systems and and programs such as the March of Dimes, Safe Kids, WIC, the Department of Health all utilize Babypalooza to educate families. 

For-profit partners are able to help us further our mission by providing channel marketing and other resources that the moms want and need.