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Let Kids Listen to Their Favorite Music With Spotify Kids

Spotify, the popular audio streaming service provider, now offers an entire music app geared toward kids. Spotify Kids is a standalone app that is a composite of playlists, making it easy for kids to find music and stories from their favorite movies and TV shows or to hit play on their playlist of choice.

In addition to movie/TV hits, party jams, and bedtime tunes, the app also includes a selection of audiobooks and bedtime stories. That means when you’re too busy or tired to tell a bedtime story, Spotify Kids can take over.

The app features fun graphics and colorful visuals and is easy for children to use. Spotify wanted to create an experience that was kid-friendly. Kids love consuming audio content, but most streaming services are geared toward adults/young adults, meaning they’re not simple or interesting for children to use. The visuals used in Spotify Kids help to guide children through the app with simple navigation and minimal text. The design also varies by age group — the artwork for younger kids is softer and character-based, while content for older kids is more realistic and detailed.

spotify kids

Free with a Spotify Premium Family plan ($14.99/month), you’ll simply login to your account via the Kids app and then create a Kids account for your child. You will also have the opportunity to select the content you want your child to listen to. Spotify Kids allows avatars and accounts to be made for each child in the family, so they all can have their own preferences saved. They’ll get to pick their own whimsical avatar to represent their profile. The recommended usage age for Spotify Kids is 3+, but there are playlists for children ages 0–12.

The content on the app is ad-free and is curated by a team of editors who come from backgrounds with Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, and Universal Pictures, as well as Public Service in Sweden and BookBeat, a family- and kids-oriented audio streaming service.

The app beta launched in Ireland last fall and launched in the United States in March 2020. As the app experience evolves, Spotify has already rolled out enhanced parental settings and controls and will continue to include even more customization in an effort to give parents peace of mind.

Find out more about Spotify Kids here.



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