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4 Ways for Dad to Bond with Baby

Dad may feel like he’s missing out getting to nurture your newborn since he can’t breastfeed but here are five great daily activities that dad can use to bond with baby.

1. Change Diapers

Have some quality bonding time right on the changing pad. Try a few infant massage techniques, talk to your baby and make eye contact. All of these things will encourage strong bonding.

2. Give Baby a Bath

The first few baths can often be intimidating for new parents and having two sets of hands may be helpful. With the first few bathing sessions under his belt, dad will probably feel secure to take over this task. Having this daily routine for just dad and baby will keep the connection secure.

3. Put Baby to Bed

Encouraging dad to take over the bedtime routine not only allows mom some much needed alone time but facilitates some one-on-one between baby and papa. A warm snuggle and a good book will leave everyone feeling loved, connected and hopefully sleepy!

4. Clock some Skin-to-Skin (STS) Time

Science shows that skin-to-skin has many health benefits for baby and also the caregiver. Not only does your child experience bonding from STS, but they will sleep better, eat better and their brain will develop better! Skin-to-skin is not just for moms and babies; any caregiver can practice this act of placing the diaper-clad child on their bare chest.

Cecilia Pearson
Cecilia Pearson


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