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3 Great Third Trimester Strength Exercises

In my opinion, exercise can’t dictate what kind of birth you have. Labor, birth, and recovery will be different for everyone. But exercise can help you prepare for the tasks you’ll be doing often with a new baby. Here are 3 super functional third-trimester exercises that will prepare your body for a new baby at home!

Goblet Squat

Think about it–you’re on the couch with a sleeping newborn on your chest and you want to go set them down in the bassinet. Getting up and down from the couch or chair is something we do every day. The added weight of a baby (or a weight) in this goblet position can make it a bit more challenging at times. Enter the goblet squat!

Suitcase Dead Lift

Picking up the car seat from the ground? The suitcase deadlift is an excellent pregnancy-safe core exercise that really prepares you for all the car seat picking up and carrying. In the video below, I’ve provided a few examples depending on what you may be feeling–including if you have pelvic pain.

Racked and Suitcase Carry

So you’ve picked up the car seat, flung the diaper bag over your shoulder (and/or your toddler on your waist), and now you’re headed into the pediatrician’s office. This is an excellent example of a racked and suitcase carry. In the video below, I explain how to do this. Again, this is a fantastic pregnancy-safe core exercise that is SUPER functional.

Cecilia Pearson
Cecilia Pearson


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