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9 Fun and Educational Subscription Boxes for Kids

It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Subscription boxes for kids can help you take out the guesswork as you try to find activities for your child that are both educational and fun. Best of all, with these boxes, you won’t have to make a run to the store to buy supplies!

Subscription Boxes for Kids

Girls Can! Crate

The Girls Can! Crate is a monthly subscription box designed to inspire and empower girls ages 5-10. Girls will discover female role models (like Rosa Parks and Frida Kahlo) and do hands-on art and science activities.

Price: Starts at $27.95 per month

Green Kid Crafts

Child opens Green Kids Crafts subscription box

The Green Kid Crafts kits include hands-on science and art activities for kids ages 2-10. Your child can explore topics like ocean science, space, safari, volcanoes, and music. The boxes also come with a STEAM-themed magazine.

Price: Starts at $17.95 per month

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Hoppi Box

Baby plays with toys from Hoppi Box

With Hoppi Box, you’ll get boxes of premium toys curated by experts and tailored to your baby’s age and developmental milestones. Boxes are designed for children ages 0-4 and are delivered each quarter.

Price: Starts at $22 per month 

Just Like Me! Book Box

Just Like Me Book Box subscription

The Just Like Me! Book Box, with options for children ages 0-12, promotes diversity, self-love, and self-discovery, as well as a love for reading. Each month your child will receive a themed box that included 2-3 books, educational tools, and a fun gift.

Price: Starts at $28 per month


KiwiCo Koala Crate

KiwiCo Crates are STEM-themed boxes for children of all ages. The Panda Crate, for newborns to 24 month-olds, includes developmentally appropriate projects designed for your child’s age and stage, along with activity cards and a magazine to help you best use the materials. The Koala Crate, for ages 2-4, is all about sparking your kid’s creativity and also includes resources to help parents make the most of the crate’s innovative materials.

Price: $15.50-$19.95 per month

Little Passports

Little Passports offers boxes for children of all ages that are meant to spark a kid’s curiosity for culture. The Early Explorers box, for ages 3-5, teaches kids about landmarks, music, animals, food, art, oceans, natural wonders, world coins, space, world discoveries, dinosaurs, habitats, transportation insects, sports and more.

Price: Starts at $19.95 per month


Dad and daughter play with Lovevery box

Loverery Play Kits, for ages o to 2, feature toys meant to help engage your child’s developing brain. Backed by research, each kit is curated for your baby’s stage of development. Each kit comes with a guide of ideas for different ways to play.

Price: Starts at $36 per month

Monti Kids

With the Monti Kids box, you can start giving your child a Montessori education before she goes to preschool. Not only will you receive premium Montessori material designed by educators, but you’ll also get access to on-demand support from Montessori and child development experts and you’ll get connected to other Monti Kids parents.

Price: $297 every 3 months



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