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Potty Training? There’s an App for That!

Ah, potty training. Love it or hate it, it’s a major milestone for virtually every child at some point or another.

Seasoned parents often swear by their tried-and-true methods: sticker charts, books, prizes, pull-up diapers, the 3-day method, and more. But there’s a new potty training technique designed for the digital age we now reside in. You might want to give it a try!

Potty Training Goes Digital

bbot potty training,®️ be bright, be brilliant,®️ is a free mobile app for potty training. Created by eCubed Designs, LLC, the app sets the scene for a realistic potty-training experience. Filled with interaction, the app features a 3-D robot that offers miniature games as rewards for getting the robot to use the potty without an accident and even a fun song.

The first mod, Let’s Get This Potty Started, is available now. The characters, activities, rewards, and repetition are designed to appeal to young kids. The app actually helps them to recognize and act on that feeling they experience when they need to go potty.

The company has plans to expand the app in the near future.

An Award-Winning App

The innovative potty-training app was the recipient of the 2019 Baby Maternity Magazines Top Choice of the Year Award for potty training.

Lynn Tilker, a single mom entrepreneur and founder and CEO of eCubed Designs, LLC, is the designer of this new app.

“I am thrilled to receive the 2019 Top Choice Award for potty training category,” Tilker said in a recent press release. “Our team of artists and developers put their heart and soul into creating this edutainment mobile experience for toddlers. And, we are not done yet! We have exciting new games, augmented reality built-in and new characters coming soon to join our little bot’s world and continue helping children be bright and be brilliant!”

Putting Parents’ Minds at Ease

Worried about apps in general? has taken steps to ease your mind. The app features parental gateways that take parents to informational areas. It also has built-in safeguards to prevent children from leaving the game without adult supervision. The app also takes into account the subliminal messaging that children receive and blocks all outside advertisements.

The company behind the app, eCubed Designs, LLC, is a multi-media production company that focuses on “providing smart products and services through early childhood milestones and key social behaviors to empower children as they grow and develop into mindful family and responsible digital citizens.”



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