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How to Play Baby Shower Jeopardy at a Virtual Shower

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing everyone to stay home, many expectant parents are now turning to the virtual space to host their baby shower. Aside from figuring out how to throw a virtual baby shower, one question moms seem to have is “What baby shower games can I play virtually?”

While typical baby shower games like smell the “dirty” diaper are off the table, a lot of popular baby shower games are already set up to easily be played digitally. Baby Shower Jeopardy is one of our favorites when it comes to virtual shower games. It’s a game most people already know, and if they don’t, it’ll be easy for them to catch on. It also allows you to have some friendly competition, test everyone’s baby knowledge, and let your virtual guests interact with each other.

How to Play Baby Shower Jeopardy

What You’ll Need

The one and only thing you’re going to need is a Jeopardy board. We’ve created a downloadable version for you to use to make it easy on you. You can also find Jeopardy templates online if you want to build your own.Baby shower Jeopardy board

You can also easily create your own physical Jeopardy board. Just take a poster board or whiteboard and draw lines for the Jeopardy categories. You’ll want to have five categories and five questions under each category. Then you can use index cards and put the point values on the front and questions and answers on the back to fill in the board. You can tape them on and pull them off as people choose them. It’ll be an easy way to keep up with what questions are left to be answered.

Baby Jeopardy Categories

For our version of Baby Jeopardy, we use the following categories:

  • Nursery Rhymes: Guess the famous nursery rhyme
  • Who Knows Mommy & Daddy?: Answer questions about the expectant parents
  • Celebrity Parents: Guess the celebrity parents based on the facts given
  • Animal Babies: Guess the baby animal based on the facts given
  • Baby Word Scramble: Unscramble different words related to babies

Other fun categories you could use:

  • Baby Care: How well do your guests know how to take care of a baby
  • Baby Songs: Guess different songs with the word “baby” in the title based on lyrics
  • Baby Movies: Guess different movies with the word “baby” in the title based on the plot/quotes
  • Baby Facts: How well do your guests know different facts about babies
  • Baby Books: Guess different children’s books based on excerpts

Game Play Instructions

A pregnant woman takes notes while playing baby shower Jeopardy virtually

1. Make sure everyone can see the board. If you’re using a service like Zoom, you can screen share the Jeopardy board so everyone can see it if you’re using a digital version. Just click the share screen button on the bottom menu bar and select your file to pull it up. If you’re using a poster board, make sure it’s in view of the camera.

2. One person will need to keep score. As the host, it will probably be easiest for you since you’ll have everything in front of you. You can tally up points on a piece of paper if you’re using a digital version. If you’re using a physical board, stack up the index cards for each team in different piles to add together at the end of the game.

3. Decide if you want to play individually or as teams. If you have a larger group in attendance, teams may be easier so everyone can participate. If you choose to do teams, you could do friends against family, men against women, or people on the left side of the screen against the right of your video chat.

4. Regular Jeopardy rules apply — meaning all answers should be given in the form of a question.

5. Decide which team/who will go first and let them choose a category and amount.

6. Read the question and allow them one minute to answer. If they answer correctly, they get the points. But, if they answer incorrectly, the other team/guests will have the chance to answer. If no one is able to answer the question, then no points are given.

7. Teams/individuals will go back and forth picking questions until they all have been chosen. The team with the most points at the end is the winner!


A wall of gift cards

Even if your baby shower is virtual, you can still give out prizes to the winner(s). They don’t have to be anything big. An easy option would be to send the winner a $5 eGift card. Places like Starbucks and Amazon allow you to choose between different gift card designs so you’re able to add a personal touch to your prizes.

Do you have any other games moms should know about for their virtual baby shower? Let us know!



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