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10 Easy to Mail Virtual Baby Shower Favors

Having a virtual baby shower doesn’t mean you can’t give your guests great party favors. Here are seven adorable and inexpensive baby shower favors your guests will be excited to receive in the mail after your cyber celebration.

Everybody loves a good party favor

Baby Shower Bottle Opener

Your guests will be ready to celebrate all over again when they receive this cute and clever bottle opener. These “Poppin’ Bottles” bottle opener baby shower favors are made of alloy metal and are individually wrapped in pink and blue packaging. The double entendre “Poppin’ Bottles” etching will have your shower guests giggling every time they pull this party favor out to use in the future. The compact packaging makes it easy and inexpensive to ship to your virtual baby shower guests.

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Baby Shower Bottle Stoppers

Giving party favors that your guests can actually use is always a good idea. This baby carriage bottle stopper is the perfect mix of fun and functionality. The stopper is made of a metal alloy that’s anti-corrosion and rustproof so your guests will be able to use the favor long after baby is born. The baby carriage topper is gender-neutral so you can use it for a baby girl or a baby boy shower. Your guests will be “cheers-ing” your new arrival from afar after their favors arrive.


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Baby Shower-Themed Hair Ties

If you’re looking for a fun, practical and affordable gift to send your virtual baby shower guests, these hair ties are the perfect addition to your favor list. These hair ties come in “It’s a Girl!” pink, “It’s a Boy!” blue, and “Oh, Baby!” gender-neutral color options. For those that don’t use hair ties, they double as a celebratory bracelet for those looking to share in your new baby bliss. The sleek packaging makes them super simple to ship to everyone you want to feel the baby love as you await your new arrival.


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Baby-Themed Photo Frame

Save a place on your guests’ nightstands as well as in their hearts with this adorable baby themed picture frame favor. Each jumper frame measures 2.75″ x 3.75″ and is made of detailed pink and white poly resin with a hinge-backed photo window at its center designed to hold a 2″ x 1.5″ photo. There’s nothing more worth remembering than your baby’s arrival and these favor frames are the perfect way to share a tiny piece of that joy.

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Wildflower Bouquet Seeds

“Plant these seeds and watch them bloom, just like our baby who will be here soon.” These baby shower seed packet party favors are the perfect reminder of how a baby grows not only in their mommy’s belly for nine months but in the hearts of so many that are expectant for their arrival. With planting information printed on the back of the envelope and a gender-neutral color scheme, these favors are perfect for any gender or unisex baby celebration, gender reveal party or announcement. 

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Baby Show Key Chain Charm

Celebrate the arrival of your little angel with these pink or blue angel charm key chains. Made of durable zinc alloy and adorned with a man-made pearl, these favors are sure to remind you and your guests of the truly special reason for celebration. Each keychain charm is mounted on a cardstock “Thank You” note that allows the favor to double as a thank you note if the soon-to-be mom and dad desire.

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Mini Soap Favors

“From my shower to yours” is the perfect message to make your guests feel like part of the soiree even if they weren’t able to join in person. These handmade and Vegan mini soap favors come in lavender, wild rose, vanilla bean black currant, rosemary peppermint, lemongrass sage, and spearmint scents. Each soap is wrapped in a paper band with ‘From My Shower to Yours’ text and then in a clear plastic bag individually.

From My Shower to Yours Mini Soap

Bubble Gum Cigars

All your guests will love to receive this modern twist of an old tradition when they receive their birth announcement bubble gum cigar baby shower favors. With both “It’s a Boy!” and “It’s a Girl!” color options, each bubble cigar is individually labeled and packaged making these a super easy shipping option when your guests can’t attend your baby shower in person.

Bubble gum cigars


Bath Bombs

Your baby will be the star in your life and these cute star designed bath bombs will be the perfect baby shower favors to share in that sentiment. Each bath bomb comes individually packaged, is Vegan and cruelty free, and comes in a wide variety of scents that include lavender, chamomile, and lemon. So while you may gearing up for baby, your guests will be able to wind down with a little bit of luxury and relaxation.

Bath bombs

Baby Pacifier Lip Balm Holder

Every baby loves its binky and all your shower guests will love these unique baby pacifier shaped lip balm holders. Not only do they look just like a pacifier once the lip balm is inserted, but a good lip balm is something every guest will be thankful to receive. The colors can be customized to match any nursery, shower, or celebration theme. The holes on either side of the holder make it easier to attach an individualized message to each of your guests.

Lip balm holder via Etsy

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baby pacifier lip balm holder




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