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Helpsters teaches preschoolers the basics of coding!

You’re stuck at home and doing your best to provide hands-on fun and education for your preschooler. But, hey … a little TV never hurt anyone—especially if it’s educational!

Apple TV+ and Sesame Workshops have teamed up to create some awesome new children’s shows, and the one that caught our eye is called “Helpsters.”

Designed for preschoolers aged 3 to 5, “Helpsters” features a team of adorably fuzzy monsters—Cody, Scatter, Heart, and Mr. Primm—who solve everyday problems. For example, the monsters might figure out how to climb a mountain, plan a party, or perfectly perform a magic trick.

Show your preschooler this trailer … you won’t be disappointed!

And one of the best parts about “Helpsters” is the heavy focus on STEM. Cody actually teaches rudimentary pre-coding skills to preschoolers.

According to Sesame Workshops, “Concepts taught include planning sequencing, spatial relations/directionality, condition and action, experimenting and iterating, flexible thinking, working memory, following directions, and managing emotions/self-control.”

Kids will also learn about the importance of collaboration, communication, and self-confidence.

Season 1 of “Helpsters” is currently available on Apple TV. Let us know what you think!



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