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Protect the Family Jewels with FridaBalls Kid-Proof Underwear

Experienced dads know that parenting can be a contact sport with your kid turning you into a human jungle gym. Head butts, heel kicks, swinging elbows, and Sunday morning bed jumps are all par the course. But dads have a bit more on the line when the, um, family jewels, are in the line of fire.

But new dads can protect their “legacy” with FridaBalls kid-proof underwear.

To keep your buddies safe, this boxer brief is equipped with a reinforced protective pouch and patent-pending Heirloom Conservation Technology (HCT). Yes, this is a real thing.



Created by FridaBaby, FridaBalls underwear can also keep you so fresh and so clean with breathable wicking fabric. And you’ll appreciate the no-slip secure waistband, too.

The folks at FridaBalls say these boxer briefs will help you “protect your tomorrow today” and “add branches to your family tree.” But you might want to invest in a pair even if you’re not planning to have more kiddos.

First released in 2018, FridaBalls sold out in 24 hours.

FridaBalls will cost you $27.99 and can be found on Amazon.



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