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    Mom & Me MD is a 4th trimester care service for term and preterm infants and their mothers designed to support mom and baby during the first few months at home from the hospital.

    Moms are showered with help and support leading up to her baby’s birth, and then she’s often left to navigate motherhood alone. For moms of preterm and NICU babies, this presents an entirely different set of challenges as your baby’s arrival came with unique circumstances.

    Dr. Jessica Daigle “Dr. Jess” is a pediatrician and newborn care specialist supporting newborns of new moms and NICU moms as they navigate life after bringing home a new baby. She will provide consulting and medical care for newborns, specializing in support for preterm and NICU babies, and provide emotional and practical support for moms.

    Mom & Me MD will provide concierge style in-home care to the Atlanta, GA area as well as virtual care to Georgia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Washington.

    Why Choose Mom & Me MD?

    ● Reminiscent of old school medical care
    ● In-home and telehealth care as an auxiliary to your primary care doctor
    ● Access to professional medical care and guidance quicker than you may get a response
    from your primary care doctor
    ● Guidance and emotional support to alleviate overwhelm as you navigate motherhood
    under unique circumstances
    ● General recommendations from a real doctor (shared afterward with your primary care
    ● A safe alternative during the pandemic and allows moms and babies to be seen in the comfort of their home


    In-Home Care Package for Mom and baby
    $2500 for 8 weeks of In-Home + Virtual Care

    • 2 x 75 min home visit** to include:
    o Newborn exam (including evaluation and treatment as appropriate)
    o Review of maternal, pregnancy, birth, and newborn history (1st visit)
    o Lactation/feeding consult and education (ongoing)
    o Maternal wellness assessment/planning
    o Newborn care education
    o Education & assessment of resources for NICU infant (if applicable)
    • Text/email support**
    • Virtual check-in (4 times) – continued education and support
    **In-home visits restricted to Atlanta & surrounding areas (30-mile radius). Text/email support from 7 am to 9 pm m-f | 7 am to 5 pm sat | 1 pm to 7 pm sun. Children’s healthcare of Atlanta nursing line information will be provided for help outside this window.

    Emotional Well-being Sessions for Moms
    $1500 for 6 weekly, 1-hour sessions, All Virtual

    Mom-guided sessions that can address a variety of topics, including newborn feeding, newborn sleep, newborn illness, caring for yourself as a mom, postpartum support for anxiety and depression

    ● Benefits: A real doctor to provide you with emotional support as you navigate your
    transition to motherhood; An experienced mom who has dealt with a miscarriage and
    preterm childbirth to empower you in your new reality; A spiritually grounded woman that
    can help you sort through and navigate some of the practical, lifestyle challenges
    presented by motherhood; The availability of someone who cares deeply about the total health and well-being of you and your child.

    Concierge Medical Care
    $150 per visit (telehealth); $350 per visit (in-home)

    Medical examinations for your child in between well child visits or as an alternative to
    visiting the doctor’s office until age two months (Dr. Jess will communicate with the
    primary care physician for a seamless transition.)

    ● Benefits: Convenience, avoid laborious travel, long wait times or having to schedule an
    appointment weeks and months out; On-call physician with flexible hours; Appointments
    are less time-bound than traditional doctor’s office visits; Get professional medical advice
    tailored to your unique situation

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