Dr. Noze Best

    Dr. Noze Best
    Dr. Noze Best

    Dr. Noze Best is a pediatric health and wellness company focused on providing the best educational content and products that improve children’s health and reduce stress for parents. Did you know that babies can’t breathe out of their mouths for the first year of life? Keeping nasal passages clear and unobstructed, especially when your little one is sick, is vital to allow your baby to breathe, sleep, and eat.

    The company, Dr. Noze Best, has created the NozeBot – the first and only portable, rechargeable nasal aspirator designed by a pediatric ENT with hospital-grade suction. This product allows families to clear their child’s nose more easily with its unique hands-free nosepiece design and seeks to provide the best education and content for parents while offering best-in-class pediatric health and wellness products.

    As the customers have said, the NozeBot has been a “life-saver” and a “game changer” when managing their child’s congestion and runny noses. Dr. Noze Best was founded by Dr. Steven Goudy, a pediatric ENT at Emory and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and a father of 3. He founded Dr. Noze Best and invented the NozeBot to address the pain points his patient’s parents expressed to him about nasal suctioning products.

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