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10 Gifts for Expecting Moms in Their First Trimester

When it comes to baby showers, most expecting parents are generously gifted diapers, newborn clothes, nursery décor, infant toys, and tried-and-true baby gear from experienced parents. These, of course, all are wonderful and show just how loved this new bundle already is. But what about gifts for expecting moms? Where is the mommy registry?

When a child is born, so is a mother. It’s a big transition for everyone, and while it’s wonderful, it’s also very hard. Moms — especially first-time mamas — often struggle with lack of sleep, various mental health issues that arrive pre- and postpartum (thanks hormones), her changed body, or adjusting to a new lifestyle. Finding time for herself is often low on the priority list. This is where the mommy registry comes in handy. Broken up by trimester, we’re sharing a series of useful guides for selecting gifts for the expecting mom in your life who deserves some pampering.

First Trimester Gifts for Expecting Moms

The first trimester entails weeks 1–12 of pregnancy. This is a particularly delicate time for the expecting mom in your life as she may not feel well and might not have publicly announced her pregnancy yet. These gestures are sure to put a smile on her face and add to her glow!

Her Favorite Meal or Snack

Many women suffer from nausea throughout their pregnancy, but especially in the first trimester — and even more so on an empty stomach. And when that’s happening, the last thing a mom-to-be wants to think about is having to prepare a meal. A nice way to show you care when she’s not feeling well is to deliver her favorite meal or pregnancy-friendly snacks to her doorstep. You can use services like GrubHub or DoorDash, or whip up her favorite dish and drop it off at her house. The thoughtfulness alone is a gift in itself!

A Comfortable Bra

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The best time to invest in a comfortable, supportive bra is always, but especially when you’re expecting. A lot of moms say wire-free bras feel better on their backs and tender breasts. A nursing bra or sleeping bra would be a wonderful gift for the expecting mom in your life. Make sure to size up or look for options with extra hooks so that they fit her changing body throughout each of the trimesters. Some favorites include the iLoveSIA 3-Pack Seamless Maternity Bra, the Gratlin Women’s Comfort Support Maternity Wirefree Seamless Nursing Bra, and the Motherhood Maternity Women’s Plus Size Wrap Front Nursing Sleep Bra.

A Prenatal Massage

A woman’s body undergoes a LOT of changes throughout pregnancy, but many women say the first trimester is the toughest on them because of constant nausea and aches. Help take her mind off of the pain and discomfort by gifting her with a prenatal massage. (Honestly, I think it’s safe to say any woman — pregnant or not — would love to be gifted a professional massage!) This will help her relax and give her some alone time, which will be hard to come by once the baby arrives.

Streaming Subscription

Consider surprising an expecting mom with a TV streaming service like Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ that will encourage her to put her feet up, relax, and unwind. Better yet, join her for a movie night in the comfort of her own home. It’s a win-win!

Pregnancy Journal

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A pregnancy journal is a fun way to record experiences, feelings, milestones, and health during those precious 9+ months. In all fairness, it may be hard to set aside the time needed to do this if she’s chasing around some older kiddos, but this can be a nice way for her to feel connected to her growing baby. This also is helpful with recording any symptoms trimester to trimester, and it can help to remember details for the next pregnancy. Help her cherish every moment with this thoughtful gift.

Body Moisturizer

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Many medical professionals say preventative maintenance is key with skin issues, so getting into a good moisturizing routine early on is important. There is a wide variety of belly butters, oils, and lotions on the market that claim to help prevent stretch marks, although most doctors agree that condition is genetic and there’s not much to be done to prevent them from popping up. Even so, this is a nice way for an expecting mama to practice self-care and relax. Some favorites include Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, and Bio-Oil Skincare Oil.

Supportive Leggings

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Pregnancy and leggings go together like peanut butter and jelly. Show the mama-to-be how much you support her by gifting her a pair of supportive leggings. Trust me; she’ll quite literally be living in them for that first year. Blanqui is a popular brand that many expecting and new mamas swear by. While they are a bit expensive, they’ll see her through her entire pregnancy and can last for any future pregnancies to come. There’s also a wide selection available on Amazon.

Water Bottle

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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you know that you feel like you can never drink enough water. Find your mama friend a cute water bottle that she can take everywhere, whether it’s one with a convenient straw or one that encourages her to stay hydrated! This also will come in handy if she chooses to breastfeed, in which case hydration is crucial.

Comfy Shoes


Comfortable shoes are a must for pregnant women and new moms. She’ll need some that will ease the pain and discomfort of her swollen feet as she approaches the big day, as well as something that’s comfortable and easy to slip on when she’s trying to get out the door with a crying baby. Birkenstocks and Oofos are both good options.

Preggie Pops

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Many pregnant moms suffer from morning sickness during their first trimester. These Preggie Pops in a variety of flavors are a favorite treat for many to ease nausea. You can find them just about anywhere. Your beloved mama-to-be is sure to appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Stay tuned for more gifts for the expecting moms in your life, organized by trimester!

Cecilia Pearson
Cecilia Pearson


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