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Baby Developmental Milestones: Months 7-8

The first year flies by. Before you know it, you’ll have a toddler walking around keeping you on your toes. As your baby continues to grow, they will develop in four areas – social, language, large motor development, and small motor development.

Here are the developmental milestones your baby will reach during months 7 and 8.

Month 7 – 8

Are you ready for crawling? What about for your baby to begin initiating peek-a-boo with you? If not, get ready in months seven and eight when these things begin!


Your baby will begin to respond to their name during these months and will even look at you when you say no, so you’re able to start setting boundaries. You’ll also see some of these social development markers:

  • Shows enthusiasm when playing
  • Listens to familiar words
  • Baby starts resisting diaper changes and getting dressed


In addition to learning their own name, baby is going to do the following:

  • Begin saying consonant and vowel combination words like mama and dada, though they won’t know what these mean yet
  • Understands the word no (by month 8) but will listen to it selectively

Large and small motor development

milestone standing

This is a big period for motor skill development. Babies are forming the muscles they need now to walk and refining the skills they need for a variety of other big kid movements. Expect to see your baby performing the following actions:

  • Sits without support
  • Bears weight on feet and begins to pull up on furniture
  • Transfers objects between hands
  • Picks up objects using different fingers and thumb
  • Reaches for toys, people, food, etc.

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