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Baby Developmental Milestones: Months 3-4

The first year flies by. Before you know it, you’ll have a toddler walking around keeping you on your toes. As your baby continues to grow, they will develop in four areas – social, language, large motor development, and small motor development.

Here are the developmental milestones your baby will reach during months 3 and 4.

Month 3 – 4

In the third and fourth month, your baby’s eyes have advanced quite a bit. They can see all the colors of the rainbow and can follow an object in a 180-degree arc. This gives more opportunities to work on the types of development as baby is more interested in what they are seeing.


Baby milestone smile

  • Baby will smile when they see someone familiar
  • Recognizes faces, voices, and objects
  • Enjoys being bounced and swung
  • Baby may begin to react positively to your singing and playing


Milestone giggling

Your baby will begin to be more responsive to your own talking, and the communication between you and your child is starting to get fun.

You’ll also see:

  • Baby will begin giggling
  • Crying will be more deliberate, and different reasons may have different sounds. Also, your baby may pause crying to see if you’re paying attention
  • Baby will begin making consonant sounds
  • Language will include coos and squeals

Large and small motor development

Milestone tummy time

Baby is really getting ready to move. You’ll notice they can bear weight on the legs when held upright, plus they will have more head control.

More motor development milestones:

  • Raises head and shoulders off the floor during tummy time 45- to 90-degree angle (month 3)
  • Raises head and chest off the floor during tummy time at a 90-degree angle (month 4)
  • Grasp reflex disappears
  • Clutches their own hands and grabs objects, blankets, etc.

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