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Baby Developmental Milestones: Months 11-12

Here are the developmental milestones your baby will reach during months 11 and 12.

Month 11 – 12


Baby will begin showing more independence in the 11th and 12th months. In fact, you may find that your baby is rarely shy in places they know well, as they crawl around and explore their surroundings. They will also be excited to see familiar faces and may begin to have trouble when you leave. A few more development checkpoints to watch for:

  • Baby will start to show affection through hugs and kisses
  • Imitating sounds of animals or objects may become a new favorite pastime


milestone saying no

Your little darling will be able to speak more words and understand more of what you’re saying by age one. They may also meet these milestones:

  • Baby will begin shaking their head for no
  • Can speak three or more words in addition to mama and dada
  • Repeats the same words
  • Recognizes objects by name and understands several words

Large and small motor development

milestone stacks objects

If Baby is up and walking, you’re in full-on toddler mode. Though walking is not always started by month 12. Babies can take up to 16 months before they begin to really walk, so make sure if you’ve got questions or concerns, you’re fleshing these out with your doctor. Before you get concerned, check the other milestones. Is your baby standing and tapping their feet? Then give it time. Walking will come soon. Those last motor skill development milestones to watch for before a year include:

  • Holds one hand to walk
  • Turns pages in a book
  • May stack objects on top of each other
  • Places objects into containers
  • May walk unaided
  • Rolls a ball back and forth


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