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Tips to Prevent Leaving Your Child in the Backseat of the Car

With the heat of summer here, we’ve made a list of tips and products that will help prevent leaving your baby in the backseat.

1. Put something of your child’s in the front seat that will remind you of them. Also, choose to leave something you’ll need once you get to where you’re going in the backseat. It could be your purse, lunchbox, or even one of your shoes.

2. Be extra alert if your routine changes, such as someone else driving or taking a different route to work or daycare. The change could cause you to unintentionally forget.

3. Consider setting up a plan with your daycare provider to have them call you whenever your child is late or doesn’t come in without notice.

4. If the routine changes and your child is riding with someone else, always check in to make sure they have arrived safely.

5. Get in the habit of always checking the backseat, even when your child isn’t with you.

Products to help prevent hot car deaths in children

Sense A Life Alarm
Sense A Life

sense a life

The Sense A Life car alarm kit comes with a child pad that sits under your child’s car seat and communicates with a parent device that is placed on the driver door. Once your child is in their seat, the pad will activate the parent device and notify you that it’s been activated. You will then have one minute to secure your child into their car seat and get into the driver’s seat. The device will alert you when getting out of the car to get your baby. You will receive a phone notification to note if the child has been removed. You can also snooze to give yourself more time.

ChildMinder SoftClip
Baby Alert International


The ChildMinder SoftClip is a CRS shoulder harness strap retainer device that keeps harness straps in the optimum position on your child’s shoulders in the event of a collision. It’s also a lifesaving device that reminds you with an alarm 8 seconds after you’ve moved more than 15 feet away from your baby in their car seat. It performs a self-test upon each use to ensure it’s working correctly. It also won’t compromise the safety or warranty of your Child Restraint System.

Elepho eClip

The elepho eclip helps you remember to not leave your baby in the backseat
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The Elepho eClip is a clip that can be attached to your baby’s car seat, seat belt, or anywhere inside your car. It helps you monitor the temperature of the inside of your car to keep it comfortable for your baby. It also helps you prevent leaving your baby in the car. The clip connects to your phone and sends alerts when you walk more than 15 feet away from your car.

Waze Child Reminder

If you use Waze to get where you are going, the app has Child Reminder notifications that can be turned on to remind you to get your child out of the backseat. Just go to settings, reminders, then turn the child reminder on to start receiving notifications.



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