Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy
Results Physiotherapy

Results Physiotherapy is a physical therapy company and part of the larger organization -Upstream Rehabilitation. Several of our clinics specialize in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy where we can treat pregnant and post partum individuals with back or pelvic pain during pregnancy, labor and delivery preparations.
We can teach you how to use your pelvic floor muscles for support, urinary and fecal continence, relaxing those muscles for penetration or emptying bowel and bladder as well as delivering a baby. After delivery we can help get you back to your prior level of function and help your recovery from a c-section, vaginal tearing, abdominal wall laxity (diastasis recti abdominis), and any incontinence you may be experiencing.
You are welcome to bring your baby with you to your therapy appointments if you are unable to secure childcare. We accept all insurances and encourage you to call your insurance company for deductible and co-pay requirements as well as how many visits are covered per year.

Julie Lively, PT, DPT treats at the Downtown Madison location
181 Hughes Road, Suite 1B, Madison, Alabama 35758
(256) 850-1155
Kaylee Perry, PT, DPT treats at the Huntsville location
4601 Whitesburg Dr. Suite #102, Huntsville, Alabama 35802-1677
(256) 883-1734

Call either location for more information or to speak with a physical therapist to see if PT is right for you!