Christmas Pajama’s Designed by Kids

Christmas pajamas are a big deal for Once Upon A Time. Each year, owner Linda Flaherty and Creative Director Nikki Schoel, take on the challenge of finding the best selection of pajamas that offer a wide variety of sizes to fit the whole family.

Last year, Nikki had the idea to sponsor a children’s drawing contest. Children were asked to draw their favorite things about Christmas and submit their drawings for a chance to be included in Once Upon A Time’s exclusive Christmas pajama design for this year.

After much deliberation from the judges, four winners were chosen from the submissions. The winning designs include a Christmas tree with colorful wrapped presents, a jolly Santa, a reindeer, and a wreath with candy canes.

With the winners chosen, Linda and Nikki faced the challenge of finding someone to create a pattern with the designs and manufacture the pajamas.

actual pajams

While at the spring market in Atlanta, they mentioned their contest to a vendor and friend they have worked with for years. She offered them guidance and support to help bring their project to life.

With her talents as a graphic artist, she was able to help them create a pattern with the four drawings they immediately fell in love with.

They made size and scale adjustments, had color strike-offs approved, and selected a pajama-style. The exclusive line of Christmas pajamas they had been working on finally came to life.

The pajamas are available for purchase in sizes 12 months – 24 months in one-piece unisex pajamas; 2T – 14 child in two-piece pajamas; and small – extra large in adult lounge pants.

You may order your set of pajamas by visiting one of the store locations in Mountain Brook or Homewood, or by calling (205) 870-7772 or (205) 870-7776.


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