How Starbucks Is Helping Employees Pay For IVF


If you’re like many busy moms (and dads), you probably love Starbucks for their lattes, fraps, and even the famous Pink Drink.  But here’s another reason to adore the much-loved coffee retailer: They’re helping some of their employees have babies!

In the U.S., one in every eight couples has trouble conceiving. Fertility treatments can add up quickly; in fact, the average cost of an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle is around $12,000. In other words? You can pretty much spend your kids’ college fund (not to mention drop your year’s grocery budget) before he or she is even born. Ouch.

But Starbucks offers generous insurance coverage for eligible employees (including part-time workers): $25,000 for IVF treatment and $10,000 for related medication.

People are heading to the “Starbucks IVF Warriors” Facebook group (which refers to itself as a “group for those who have used or are interested in using Starbucks’ infertility benefits”) to share their stories and ask advice.

Would you become a barista to reap these valuable benefits? Let us know!

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Cecilia Pearson


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