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Baby You’re A Firework Themed Gender Reveal


Whitney and Kevin Allen decided to discover the gender of their baby at the same time as their family and friends. After considering different options, the Allen’s decided to set off colored fireworks to reveal their baby’s gender. “We bought a blue and pink set of fireworks and invited our friends and family over to celebrate,” Whitney says.

Guests wore blue or pink to reveal their gender vote and cooked out while waiting for sundown and the fireworks display.

After dark, a friend opened the envelope with the gender and prepared for the big reveal. Guests gathered, and on the Allen’s countdown, the appropriate fireworks were lit.

“We all watched as the night sky lit up BLUE for our new baby boy,” Whitney remembers. “We loved the choice for our gender reveal!” William Gerald Allen was born last November.


Want to have your own firework gender reveal? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Firework Themed Invitations

What will your little firecracker be? Let friends and family know it’s time to find out with these adorable firework invitations.

Attire That’s On Brand

Sure, you could wear pink or blue to cast your vote on what you think you’re having. Or, you could rock this cute baby bump shirt to show off your lil’ firecracker.

The Cake

Since you still don’t know what you’re having, you’re not going to be able to buy a pink or blue cake that reflects the gender of your baby. So, keep it simple by adding a themed cake topper to a white cake.


Allow friends and family to help you light up the night sky and celebrate your little bundle of joy by providing them sparklers.

Baby, You’re A Firework

Obviously, the most important thing to have for your firework gender reveal is the fireworks. There are several different types of fireworks to choose from on most sites, such as fountains, regular shots, or shaped shots, if you have a preference.



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