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Baby Crib Buying Guide

Your baby crib is one of the most important purchases you will make before welcoming your new baby home. After all, your baby will be spending most of their time in the crib, which is why safety and comfort are of the utmost importance. Not only is choosing the right crib important for your baby’s wellbeing, but it is also essential to give you peace of mind knowing that your baby is safe and comfortable.

So how do you know which crib is the ‘right’ crib? Do you even know what you’re looking for in a crib? Because I know I sure didn’t as a first-time mom. Have no fear – this buying guide is going to walk you through the criteria to look out for when purchasing a crib. I will also explain what types of cribs there are to choose from and the top-rated cribs for 2020.

Types of Baby Cribs

That’s right – cribs come in all shapes and sizes, which can be a bit overwhelming when sifting through all the options. Allow me to simplify it for you!

Below are the three basic types of cribs that just about every crib product falls under:

1. The Classic (Standard Crib)

The first type of crib you can choose from is the standard crib, or what I like to call ‘The Classic.’ The standard crib is a traditional first bed for a baby and is a great option if you plan to have more children and reuse the crib. While this crib cannot convert to a toddler bed, it is sturdy and safe, making it a crowd favorite among moms who want to use it over and over again.

2. Ole’ Faithful (Convertible Crib)

The convertible crib certainly is the Ole’ Faithful of baby cribs in that it lasts for years to come. This is a great option for moms who are done having children and want a crib that will last from the infant years to toddler and even into the teen years. The convertible crib is definitely a keeper so make sure you choose wisely if you want one since it will be around for quite a long time!

3. The On-the-Goer (Portable Crib)

Whether I am working in my study, cooking dinner in the kitchen, or making a break for the TV room, having the ability to wheel my baby crib from room-to-room is truly a godsend, which you will understand soon enough. While portable cribs are usually on the small side and cannot adjust as your baby grows, they are a wonderful option if you are constantly on the go or traveling.

Putting it All Together

Knowing what to look for in a crib can be a time-consuming, intimidating task – trust me, I know! But I hope that this guide serves as a road map of sorts to help you navigate your first baby crib purchase.

Check-in with CPSC to stay up to date on crib recalls



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