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guide for new Dads

Ok Dads we know you don’t want to be on the sidelines but fully involved. In this guide, you’ll find articles that will help you know more about how to care for your partner and and yourself.

Browse through to learn how to bond with baby, all about paternity leave in the United States, postpartum depression in dads, and how you can help with breastfeeding and more.

Naturally, people place a lot of importance on the mom throughout a pregnancy. But you play an incredibly valuable role in the process, and deserve your own guide around preparation, self-care, and parenthood.

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Dad fixing his daughters hair
Javacia Harris Bowser

Dads Can Do Hair, Too

We talked to three everyday dads who style their daughters’ hair to find out how they learned, why they wanted to, and how doing so has made them better parents.

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Dad holds daughter in front of mountains
Partners / Dads
Sara Holland

Daddy Diaper Bags

Moms enjoy all the luxuries of cute, organized diaper bags, why can’t dad’s enjoy the same? Check out our favorite daddy diaper bags.

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