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4 Benefits of Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream for Breastfeeding Moms

Becoming a parent for the first time comes with its fair share of challenges and learning curves, particularly when it comes to breastfeeding. One common issue many new mothers face is sore or cracked nipples, which can make breastfeeding uncomfortable or even painful. This is where a product like Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream can be a valuable addition to your parenting toolkit.

What is Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream?

Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream is designed to soothe and protect sore, dry, or cracked nipples. Made from 100% natural lanolin, the cream helps to restore your skin’s natural moisture balance without the use of artificial additives or preservatives. It’s hypoallergenic and safe for both mother and baby, meaning there’s no need to remove the cream before breastfeeding.

Key Features and Benefits of Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream

1. Moisturizing Properties: Lanolin, the key ingredient in Medela Purelan Cream, is renowned for its deep moisturizing and protective properties. It effectively creates a barrier on the skin that helps to retain natural moisture and improve the skin’s elasticity, making it more resilient during breastfeeding.

2. Safety and Purity: Medela ensures that their lanolin cream is free from parabens, additives, and preservatives, making it ideal for both sensitive skin and newborns. This purity means that the cream can be applied without worrying about harmful substances passing to the baby.

3. Ease of Use: The cream has a smooth, rich texture that spreads easily over the skin. A small amount goes a long way, and it absorbs quickly, providing fast relief and protection from soreness and irritation.

4. Versatility: While primarily intended for nipples, Purelan cream can also be used on other dry skin areas such as lips, noses, and cheeks, making it a versatile product to have in any household, especially during cold and dry weather.

Practical Tips for Use of Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream

Application: Apply a pea-sized amount of Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream after each feeding, or more frequently if needed. Gently spread the cream over the nipple and areola to soothe and protect the skin.

Storage: Keep the tube in a cool, dry place to maintain its effectiveness and longevity.

Hygiene: Always wash your hands before applying the cream to avoid introducing any bacteria to the sensitive nipple area.

Making an Informed Decision

Medela Purelan Lanolin Cream offers a natural, safe solution for managing the physical challenges that come with nursing. By keeping your skin moisturized and protected, you can focus more on the bonding experience with your baby, rather than discomfort.


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