What Baby Registry Item Could you Not Live Without?

must have baby registry items on baby room
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If you could only have one item on your baby registry what would it be and why?

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Sharing is Caring!


  1. The owlet. I would love one because I’ve heard nothing but great things and it would be great to have peace of mind. It’s just too expensive.

  2. The owlet monitoring system. As a first time mother and being able to have peace of mind at any second to look at my phone and notice our baby is fine. Because without the owlet the baby girl with be glued too me and I would continue to hover/panic…

  3. The owlet baby monitor is one the one baby item off my registry I cant live without. The rowlett gives parents peace mind know their baby is okay and also alerts them if something is wrong.

  4. This is a hard one! I would say the travel system is probably the most important item on our registry. Since it comes with a car seat and a stroller, I feel like it’ll get the most use.

  5. The owlet!!! We had it with the first baby and it’s the only way I was able to sleep

  6. Owlet, I feel like it’s and extra I’ll probably not be able to afford that would really help with my sanity!

  7. I’d like to say the breast pump but I’m a new mom so I hadn’t narrowed down which one. 

    That stroller Britax stroller was pretty tempting tonight at the baby shower 

  8. Travel System. I would really like the Britax B-Safe and the B-Lively. I had a Britax system with my last and loved it!

  9. Medela freestyle flex. I want the flexibility

  10. A good carrier. I plan to”wear”my baby while completing day to day activities so it’s a must.

  11. Travel system. I had the Britax Bsafe and Bagile with my daughter 8yrs ago. Plan on going back with Britax. The brand is still top rated for safety.

  12. Only one!?

    We are on baby #2 so we have most stuff but this tome I’d say a baby carrier so my hands can be free for playing with my toddler.

  13. The one thing would be a infant car seat. (1). Hospital requires you have one installed before you leave the hospital (2). The child will be riding in three different cars(Mom,Dad and grandmother). For protection in case of car accident.

  14. Did you know you can leave the hospital with a convertible too? Just make sure it fits your child correctly. :) 

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