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Many states are beginning to ease COVID-19-related restrictions and businesses are beginning to reopen. But as others eagerly jump to return to life as normal, new and expectant moms must continue to be vigilant. Social distancing is still important.

But that doesn’t mean you have to go about the business of having and raising your new baby alone. There are virtual consultants out there who can help you every step of the way. And we’re going to help you find what you need with our new Virtual Services Directory.

Find a Virtual Consultant for Your Prenatal and Postpartum Needs

You can use our directory to find a doula to help you virtually through pregnancy, delivery, and parenting. You can find a licensed counselor for telehealth appointments to help you through the emotional rollercoaster of being a mom or postpartum depression.

Connect with infant massage experts that can teach you, through digital classes, the art and science behind baby massage. Regular massage can help alleviate gas and colic and can improve sleep and digestion. It can even boost the bond between you and baby.

If you’re having trouble getting your newborn to sleep, there’s help for that, too. And know that you’re not alone. About one in five parents of 6-month-olds report problems getting their babies to sleep. And some are turning to sleep consultants for help.

Parents interviewed by the Wall Street Journal on the topic, say the coaches help cut through confusion about what sleep-training methods are best. Through easy-to-access virtual sessions, a sleep consultant can help you develop age-appropriate and realistic sleep foundations and an actionable game plan for your child.

Postpartum virtual consultants can help in a wide variety of ways including labor and delivery recovery care, instruction in newborn care, meal planning and preparation, and overall emotional support.

You can also find a consultant to help with breastfeeding, too. According to WhatToExpect.com, a published review of 16 studies on breastfeeding, comprised of more than 5,000 moms, found that enlisting the help of breastfeeding consultants measurably increased the number of women initiating breastfeeding, boosted breastfeeding rates, and helped more women exclusively breastfeed their newborns.

And don’t forget about self-care. You can find a virtual fitness coach to help you develop a prenatal or postnatal workout routine so you can give your body the care it needs and deserves.

Playing It Safe

While the CDC has said that pregnant women seem to have the same risk as adults who are not pregnant, it’s always important for expectant moms to protect themselves from illnesses.

When you’re pregnant, you have changes in your body that can increase your risk of certain infections. And according to the CDC, pregnant people have had a higher risk of severe illness when infected with viruses from the same family as COVID-19 and other viral respiratory infections, such as influenza.

So, continuing to turn to virtual options, when available, is a safe move.

We will continue to add to our directory. And you should know that every listing you see has been vetted by our team.

We are here for you.


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  2. I definitely still plan on staying home. My baby boy is just 2 weeks old and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep him safe.

  3. I think it’s wise for the most vulnerable to stay safe at home for a little longer. This will eventually pass.

  4. I will continue to stay at home. I am due in July.  I am hoping that my husband can start coming to my appointments again. My next appointment is an ultrasound. I hope he doesn’t miss it

  5. Totally agree. Staying home.  I must admit I’m tired or being quarantined but I’ll do anything to keep my unborn safe. 

  6. I will be staying home. However I do hope the hubs can start coming to my appointments again, or even my 2 other children so they can feel involved.

  7. Definitely staying home as much as possible to be safe. This article provided great information.

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