STEP 1: Create an Account

If you haven’t yet REGISTER and upload your photo and update your profile. This make you an official Member (Level 1) and you can start earning points for your village building activities.

BB-Badges_Village Leader

STEP 2: Contribute to the Community

You earn points when you learn, comment, and share.

Upload Profile Photo
Update Your Profile

STEP 3: Rise in Leadership Levels and Reap the Rewards

Gather your points and turn them in for prizes!


  • Earn Points for contributions
  • Make Comments
  • Join Groups

1,000 Points

  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Babypalooza Sample Box

5,000 Points

  • Advisory Member
    Babypalooza Bash Invite (BIG PRIZES!)
  • Exclusive Swag
  • Babypalooza T-shirt
  • Tired as a Mother Coffee Mug

10,000 Points

  • You are on the Team!
  • Co-host local events
  • VIP Perks at Babypalooza Events
  • Exclusive offers from partners
Influencer Pack 7
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