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Incredible Transformation of Closet into Cozy Baby Nursery

What do you do when baby’s almost here, but you have no room for a baby nursery? Just put her in the closet! Kinda.


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Michelle and Isaac Janson transformed their master closet into a warm and welcoming baby nursery
for their daughter Karrigan.

Jansons baby nursery

Now that the closet is not just for storing shoes and clothes? Isaac to the rescue!

He hung ceiling to floor curtains approximately two feet away from the wall, then installed shelving and a long clothes rack behind the curtains. According to Michelle, everything they had in the closet was able to fit on the shelves with room to spare.

Well done, Isaac.

Michelle is a school counselor and Isaac is a scientist, so they wanted to make sure pictures and imagery in the nursery reflected that. They found a chart of The Periodic Table of Human Emotions on Amazon and felt it was the perfect mix of their professions, so they built the nursery theme around it. Their condo is filled with lots of plants and greenery, so they incorporated that as well.

The are also six images with inspiring sayings such as “Be Kind!” and “Be Brave!” that were designed by Evan Williams, a friend and colleague of Michelle.

This transformation proves that you don’t need a ton of room when bringing home baby. Smart design, great organization, and adding in a little fun personality goes a long way!

Jansons baby nursery

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