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Babypalooza Toy Gift Guide for any gender
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Looking for stocking stuffers and toys that kids will actually play with for this holiday season? There are millions of toys out there to choose from but hopefully, we can help narrow down the field with our selections of hot toys and stocking stuffers for 2018.

Fat Brain Toys Oombee Cube
Ages 0-1

Grab, explore, sort, and discover with the Oombee Cube, featuring 6 colorful, textured, and rubbery shapes attached to the cube with matching cutout spaces for sorting. Fit the square into the square, the circle into the circle—little smiles light up with each shape that slides perfectly into place! Made of 100% food-grade silicone, the shapes are great for everything from tactile exploration to teething. Encourages development of fine motor skills, sensory learning, tactile exploration, and visual-spatial skills.

Available from Homewood Toy & Hobby

Jupiter Creations SpinForce Globe
Ages 3 and up

The SpinForce Globe from Jupiter Creations is a high-speed RC car battle game. Players race the battle cars around the arena and try to crash and smash their opponent, knocking them out of the ring. Hours of fun, strategy, and speed and never the same game twice! The 16-piece set includes 2 cars, 2 remote controllers with regular and turbo speeds, spare tires, and the battle arena.

Available from Smith’s Toy & Variety

Leading Edge Mag-Pad Super Magnetic Drawing Pad
Ages 3 and up

Use your imagination to draw, design and create with the Mag-Pad. The magnetic stylus brings the metal beads to the surface of the drawing pad with an audible click revealing your creation. Push the beads down with your finger or the stylus to instantly erase and start over. Beads are completely self-contained and do not come out of the board. Made from the highest quality ABS Plastic. Includes 26 alphabet drawing cards and 26 picture drawing cards.

Available from Smith’s Toy & Variety

Melissa & Doug Feed & Play Pet Treats Playset
Ages 3 and up

This fun 26-piece pet treat and feeding playset has everything a child needs to care for their pretend furry friends. Keep a plush puppy and cuddly kitten well “fed” with realistic accessories, like pretend food, dishes and treats. Keep a daily care checklist with the included reusable list and create personalized pet name tags.

Available from Homewood Toy & Hobby

Scruff-a-Luvs Mystery Rescue Pet
Ages 3 and up

Rescue a poor little Scruff-a-Luv animal, and transform it from scruffy to fluffy. When you buy a Scruff-a-Luv, it arrives as a sad, matted ball of fur, but once you bathe, dry, brush, and love it, you’ll reveal its true beauty and discover if you’ve adopted a dog, cat, or rabbit! Set includes 1 Scruff-a-Luv, grooming brush, collar with nametag, and adoption certificate. Adopt them all! No batteries required.

Available from Homewood Toy & Hobby

Kidoozie Pop-Up Basketball Game
Ages 3 and up

Get up and get active with the Kidoozie Pop-Up Basketball Game. Useable either indoor or outdoor, the game is also easily folded up and portable with the included travel tote for easy transportation and storage. Helps children improve hand-eye coordination and fine and gross motor skills as well as learn the fun of sports.

Available from Smith’s Toy & Variety

Beanie Boos Slipper Socks
Children 0-15yrs

This fun footwear features Ty’s popular plush animals for toddlers in warm and cuddly slipper form. Available in extra small to large to fit toddlers to teens. Features a plush cotton upper with an adorable animal body and stipple dot non-slip synthetic sole to prevent falls.

Available at Homewood Toy & Hobby for $8.99

Woobo and Woobo Mini
Children 0-4

The Woobo Mini is the newest addition to the Woobo Family and is the first AI-powered audio playmate made specifically for babies and toddlers. Woobo Mini is an interactive plush playmate that answers questions, plays songs, and tells stories from Woobo’s always-expanding library. The Woobo Mini offers multiple ways to control play—buttons on the toy for the child or by app for the parent. The standard Woobo is also available for children 3+ for $149.

Some additional features of Woobo Mini are:
• Teething-friendly
• Removable plush cover is easy to clean
• Offline mode—play select songs and stories WITHOUT WiFi
• Interactive—can answer questions in real time and follow your child’s voice commands
• Night mode—turns into a night light with white noise to complement your child’s sleep routine

Warrior’s Mark Axe Throwing Set
Children 6+

Take aim and hit your mark with each toss of the foam axe. Axe Throwing is a unique, on-trend indoor and outdoor target toy that fosters motor-skills and hand-eye coordination. This fun set includes 26″ diameter, easy-fold target, two foam axes, suction cup, door hanger, and drawstring storage bag.

Available at Homewood Toy & Hobby.

Circuit Blox E-Blox
Children 8+

These STEM building block kits provide hours of fun and educational play for children 8 and up. The colorful building blocks have electronic components that, when assembled properly, will make circuits that create different results. Different kits offer different projects, with each kit featuring multiple projects that teach circuit building and coding. The kits include push-button switches, color-changing LEDs, motors, and more! Most kits do require batteries.

Available at Homewood Toy & Hobby.

Fat Brain Toy Co. Klickity

Push, spin, rattle, click, and discover with Klickity! Little hands will be occupied for hours with this unique sensory lap toy that’s brimming with sensory-exploration experiences. Different colors, textures, sounds, and actions stimulate babies’ minds and teach curiosity.
• Features fun clicking sounds, movements, and textures
• Encourages sensory exploration, cause-effect learning, fine motor skills
• Ideal avenue for early exploration
• Soft rubber tops of spheres feature vivid textures
• Each ball is filled with rattling beads
• Features rubbery grips on bottom so Klickity won’t slide around while children play
• High-quality design and materials for lasting durability
• BPA-free

Available at Homewood Toy & Hobby.

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