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Tips to Keep Your Baby Safe at a Fireworks Show

Watching firework shows with babies and little ones is something new parents dream about. Fireworks are magical, and it can be a really special experience for young families. But going to see fireworks with babies, toddlers, and young children will be quite a bit different than what you’ve experienced in the past. What should you take with you? What gear do you need? How will they react? Is it safe for babies?

Can Babies Go See a Fireworks Show?

Yes, babies can go see fireworks. But there are several factors to think about! One of the main concerns is the loud noise from the fireworks. Consider “earmuff” style protection that resembles headphones, such as BANZ® Hear No Blare earmuffs. Any option you choose should have a noise reduction rating or NRR. 

It may also be possible to provide some protection for your baby’s ears if they are in a carrier you are wearing or in a stroller. You can use your hands to cover their ears or a blanket as long as you make sure it’s not covering the baby’s face.

Here are a few additional tips to help your family have a magical fireworks experience:

  1. Do not use earplugs – While earmuffs are recommended, earplugs are not designed for babies or children. They can fall out and create a choking hazard, and they may also cause damage to a child’s short ear canal. For similar reasons, you should not put tissue paper or cotton balls in a baby’s or children’s ears.
  2. Be prepared for all reactions – Some babies may be mesmerized by the lights and colors, but others could be scared or overwhelmed by the loud sounds and crowds. Despite how excited you may feel to share this experience with your baby, be prepared to cut it short if it doesn’t go well. Have an escape plan in mind in case you need it.
  3. Consider the weather — Since firework shows happen at night, typically after dark, it may be a bit cooler than it was during the day. It may seem crazy in the summer, but be sure you take a blanket, warm clothing, and a hat. You may not need these items, but you’ll be happy you have them if you do.
  4. Avoid crowded areas, if possible — Babies, children, and adults can easily become overwhelmed in crowds, which may make enjoying the evening difficult for all involved. Try to find a spot where you can set up away from the most crowded areas. This will give you have a little breathing room for moving around, playing, and passing the time before the fireworks begin.
  5. Find a spot in the back – The closer you are to the action, the more crowded it will be and the louder the fireworks will be. Also remember that while it may not seem too loud to you, the noise is probably much more intense for your baby. Even if you are farther away from the fireworks, babies and children should still wear proper ear protection, such as earmuffs. Being in the back or away from the main action will also make it easier for you to sneak out after the show.
  6. Keep your baby with you most of the time — Even if you have family members and close friends with you, remember that your baby will find the most comfort when they are with you. This is especially true when the fireworks start, so make sure they are in your arms or by your side. If your baby, toddler, or child does get upset, you will be right there to make it better.
  7. No sparklers — Kids under the age of 12 should not use sparklers unless supervised, and babies, toddlers, and other young children should not use them at all. If a little one accidentally touches a lit sparkler or if residue falls on them, they will be burned. Residue from sparklers can also get in their eyes. The best way to prevent any kind of accident involving sparklers and babies or young children is to avoid them.

We hope these tips help you feel prepared and confident about taking your baby or young children to see fireworks this Fourth of July! If you are in Birmingham, check out our list of all the fireworks shows in the area.

Lori Culpepper
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@peepso_user_4743(Kate Bridges)
Great advice! I purchased earmuffs for my girl when she was around 8 months old and they still fit her at 3 due to the adjustments and removable padding. Definitely help keep her calm and her ears safe during the fun.
7 months ago
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