Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat

Baby plays on a Tiny Love Gymini playmat

The Tiny Love Gymini Play Mat is designed to support your baby’s development from day one. As a newborn, the contrasting colors, textures, and sounds will help stimulate your baby’s senses. Through month two, you can enjoy the space with your baby for bonding and communication time. Into month four, your baby can work on their gross motor skills and tummy time in a fun environment. By month five, they’ll be working on their fine motor skills by touching all of the different textures. At six months, your baby will start understanding how the mat works and really start enjoying all of the fun it has to offer.

Along with the colors and textures, your baby will enjoy detachable and hanging toys. There’s the musical hedgehog, plush cloud, wind chime badger, and a crinkly peek-a-boo tree.

Why We Love It

This playmat is the perfect developmental tool for your baby starting from the day they are born, so you get your money’s worth out of it immediately. Whether they’re lying down, working on tummy time, or sitting up and playing as they get older, there’s a lot for them to enjoy at every stage. The adorable hanging toys, sounds, and textures will keep them entertained all while they work on developing their fine and gross motor skills and senses. The Tiny Love Gymini also has a simple and cute design, so it won’t stick out much amongst the rest of your home’s décor. Not to mention it’s also machine washable, so it’s easy to clean.