Find and Choose Infant Swim Class For Your Child

The Top 7 Swim Schools for Babies in Birmingham, Alabama

Choosing a swim school for your baby is an important decision that you’ll have to make as a parent. There are many factors to choosing the right swim class for your baby which we have outlined before. Once you have determined what type of class is right for you and your baby then you should start to call and interview the instructors.

Here are the top swim schools in Birmingham, Alabama

Alabama Swim School
12 Months and Up
$50 Single Annual Registration
$75 Family Annual Registration

Infant Swim Resources Self Rescue
6 Months – 6 Years

Goldfish Swim School
4 Months – 3 Years
$120 – $160

St. Vincent’s 119
6 Months – 3 Years
8 Private Lessons
$140 for Members
$160 for Non-Members

Swim Like Fish
6 Months – 2 Years
$90 – $120

UAB University Recreation
Parent and Tot Class – 6 Months to 3 years
$40 Members
$50 Non-Members

6 Months – 3 years
Weekdays $65 for Members/$130 for 
Saturdays $40 for Members/$90 for 

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