The Birthie Stick Prank Gift Box

 The Birthie Stick Prank Gift Box

Everyone loves a good joke. And one of the funniest things you can do when giving holiday gifts, birthday gifts, or baby shower gifts is hide the real present inside a fake “prank” box.

You’ve probably seen (or maybe even received!) boxes depicting hilarious and almost-believable products: a device that translates dogs’ barking, pair of “cargo socks” to store items, an ice cream maker that churns ice cream while attached to a car tire, to name a few.

Upon removing the wrapping paper and seeing the gag gift box, the recipient has to feign excitement: “Oh! Wow! I’ve always wanted, um, a face heater/ cheese printer/ earwax candle kit!”

I actually tried this once, and it made my day watching my friend try to find something nice to say about the Pet Butler: a serving vest that slips on a dog and lets them walk around with a platter of appetizers. “Uh, my dog will love this,” my friend said politely, while I choked back my laughter. (Don’t worry, she liked the actual gift once she pulled it out of the prank box!)

But the latest mom-focused prank box truly has us rolling. The Birthie Stick is essentially a selfie stick that laboring moms place between their knees. “Bring you delivery to life,” the box reads. (HA.)

And it gets better. “Turn a precious moment into a viral sensation!” the box reads. “Childbirth isn’t something you want to keep to yourself. The Birthie Stick was designed to provide steady, high-quality video of the blessed event using just a smartphone. So friends, family, and followers can enjoy a close-up perspective of your baby’s emergence from the womb. Content doesn’t get any fresher!” LOLOLOLOL.

Can you even imagine how funny this gift would be at a baby shower? Or on Christmas morning with the family? Or at a birthday party for your pregnant mama friend?

Just picture everyone sitting around trying to be polite about the gift of a Birthie Stick while reading statements like “Birthie Stick is sturdy and fully adjustable, allowing you to capture every contraction with confidence.”

Plus, no one can get offended because … it’s a JOKE! And once the recipient pulls out the real gift, they’ll be delighted.

You can buy these hilarious gag gift boxes on Amazon.  There are other funny kiddo-related prank boxes too, including a Baby Shield to block pee during diaper changes and Toddler Tamers that attach to the ankles to keep new walkers in one place.

Let us know if you try this trick on any of your friends!