The Alabama Parenting Assistance Line Helping Parents Deal with Stress

mom talking to parenting assistance line

Parenting is hard enough, but parenting during a pandemic is even tougher. Now, more than ever, parents need to have a resource to go to for encouragement and resources. PAL is there for you!

The Parenting Assistance Line (PAL) is a resource where parents and caregivers can CALL or TEXT 866-962-3030 or CHAT online at anonymously to receive advice or resources for any problems they may face. PAL is open weekdays 9 – 4:00. You can also follow our Facebook page for ongoing, up to date parenting tips and a wealth of continuous content.

PAL would like to help parents deal with the stress that is coming with this pandemic. Calls are increasing about this time being so hard to handle. Below are some tips that you might find helpful during this very stressful time.

Coping Tips for Frustrated Parents:

  1. Put your hands in your pockets or behind your back. (This will prevent you from using them to threaten or hit the child.)
  2. Take a deep breath. (Count to ten. Imagine that with every deep breath, you are releasing anger.)
  3. Give everybody a time out, including yourself. (This will give everyone a few minutes to cool off.)
  4. Talk to someone that you trust.
  5. Write it out. (Write down everything that comes to mind, even ugly thoughts. Then, tear it up and throw it away with your frustrations!)
  6. Get physical-safely. (Do some jumping jacks or turn on some music and dance. Have everyone join in!)

Here are tips from the World Health Organization (WHO) about dealing with stress and your kids.

Also, check out these helpful tips on getting children to help around the house that might make this time of staying at home a little easier.

PAL is taking calls about all kinds of concerns. We are here to listen and offer a supportive ear!


  1. Those are some great tips, is that line only available to the state of Alabama or all over the country?

  2. Hi yes, that particular one is Alabama specific. But we have posted about many others and we are launching our own portal to approved counselors next week!!

  3. This was a great article, it’s hard to work and entertain your toddler at the same time. They don’t understand what is going on and they just want our attention.

  4. My husband is working from home and just trying to keep my daughter quiet and away from him is difficult I can only imagine if I were the one working with no help

  5. I believe this is a great resource for parents during this crisis. People who are forced to stay home could be suffering from mental illness and really need a resource available to them.

  6. I haven’t given birth to my baby boy. But even being pregnant during this is scary! Us mommas pregnant or not always have to take extra precautions to make sure ya and the little ones are safe! ❤️

  7. I can’t imagine having to work from home with my toddler right now. Great job to those pulling it off. 

  8. Luckily my son goes to daycare when I’m working so I can get my work done and then when I bring him him i can focus on him. But having a baby on the way will definitely bring about a new challenge. One Month to go ish! 🙄

  9. I understand this is a difficult time, but we also have to control ourselves so our children don’t get stressed as well.

  10. This was very informative, I can not imagine having to work at home while trying to care and homeschool my kids.

  11. This was very informative, I can not imagine having to work from home while also caring and homeschooling my kids.

  12. This article is amazing and much needed! I’m so glad that there is a phone number if you are becoming stressed. This is very helpful.

  13. Being able to focus on your son when you get home is so wonderful! Best of luck to you with the new baby!

  14. Michelle, I so hope this Covid-19 virus ends soon on so many levels! It has affected every one in some way and it is so difficult. Try and enjoy your pregnancy as best you can! Finding the joy in every situation can be hard but in the end, it can be gratifying! You will definitely have a story to tell this baby about what was going on in the world before coming into this world! Something to write in their baby book for sure!

  15. Paula, You are so right! Children are like sponges and soak up all that is said, done and seen around them! The more parents can control their stress levels the better!

  16. I am 29 weeks pregnant with my first biological child but have a 10 year old stepdaughter. These are great tips for all parents!

  17. Awh that was so sweet! I am trying. Im grateful that he is safe in my belly through all of this. And im just thankful he is healthy. Thank you so much

  18. I am so grateful to have read this article because this is everyday. Stressed about not receiving unemployment and wondering how bills are going to get paid. On top of how will I be able to provide for not only my 5 year old but also my newborn that will be coming in August 2020. I will be utilizing all these tips. Thanks so much

  19. As a preschool teacher it’s great to see article to help parents with stress of being with their child/children 24/7. Without this outlet of PALS some parents will result to physical , emotional abuse. The news media needs to give out this number continually to protect the most vulnerable our children.

  20. Janay, I am not sure what county you are in, but there are agencies in every county that usually can help with utility bills. Catholic Services, Community Service Programs, are a couple of examples. You might want to check into some of these in your county. Best of Luck!

  21. Sabrina, Yes, we are trying to prevent parents from resorting to physical and emotional abuse. We hope they will call us before they take their frustrations out on their children. Or at least go to our website for helpful information. Please feel free to give our number out to parents of your preschoolers. We do have some news agencies that are running stories about PAL to get our information out! Thank you for your input!