Childrens of Alabama

Ways to Support Children’s of Alabama Hospital

Founded in 1911, Children’s of Alabama is the largest provider of pediatric healthcare in Alabama and the nearby states. Its mission is to treat children with the best possible medical care available. You can help and support this mission!

3 ways to support Children’s of Alabama Hospital

Purchase Children’s of Alabama Christmas Cards

One of the ways we can help Children’s of Alabama this holiday season is by purchasing cards created by the patients and their families through their heART of holiday card program. Each showcases their artwork and represents their creativity, talent, and individuality. All proceeds from the sales go to support programs and services at the Children’s.

Childrens of Alabama Christmas Cards

Donate to the Sugar Plum Shop

The Sugar Plum Shop is a program for Children’s of Alabama’s patients and their families who spend the holidays at the hospital. Staff, corporate partners, and volunteers build a toy store in the hospital and invite parents to shop for gifts for the patients free of charge. This program hopes to empower parents by providing free toys during the holidays when they feel especially powerless about their child’s hospitalization. We can help by purchasing toys from the wish list and giving monetary donations.

Buy the New Children’s Of Alabama Car Tag

Through this program, everyone can show their support Children’s of Alabama by purchasing a new specialty car tag. The good news is that if you belong to the first 1,000 registrants, Children’s of Alabama will handle the tag fee for the first year (annual taxes and tag fees excluded). Every purchase of the specialty tag, which costs $50, a total of $41.25, will go directly to Children’s of Alabama. Those who purchase can get the tag personalized with up to six letters and numbers. No limit as to how many cars can be registered under one name. Register for the specialty tag now and show your support!

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Image Credit: Children’s of Alabama / Facebook

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