super bowl party ideas for kids

Tips for Throwing the Best Super Bowl Party for Kids

Wondering how to throw a Super Bowl party for kids to enjoy? With a bit of pre-planning, Super Bowl Sunday can be a great day for the entire family to hang out, enjoy fun party food and watch a great game. From creative decorations to tasty snacks, we’ve pinned plenty of ways on our Pinterest board to make your Super Bowl party a blast for all members of the family.

Pinterest Ideas for a Super Bowl Party for Kids

DIY Super Bowl Decorations

A football-themed party set is a great way to add a festive touch to your Super Bowl Sunday celebration for kids. You can decorate the room with a football field tablecloth, inflatable footballs, and balloons. Adding a touch of fun, you can create Football Jersey Shakers as decorations. You can easily make them by putting some dry beans or rice in a glued cardboard cutout of a football jersey. These decorations will not only add to the atmosphere of the party but also provide a fun activity for kids to play with during the game. The kids will love the fun and interactive decorations, making the experience even more memorable.

Kid-Friendly Super Bowl Snacks

Having kid-friendly snacks at your Super Bowl party is a great way to ensure the little ones have a good time. One popular option is to make a big batch of popcorn and serve it in small bowls or cups. You can add fun and festive flair by coloring the popcorn in team colors or adding little football-designed chocolates. Another tasty treat is Oatmeal Creme Football Pies, which will only take minutes to make. Just cut around Debbie Oatmeal Creme Pies and squeeze in white cookie frosting to make it look like a game ball. Not only are these classic snacks that kids love, but it’s also relatively inexpensive and easy to make in large quantities.

Football Themed Crafts

Add some fun to the Super Bowl Party through football-themed crafts. One fun craft idea is to make field goalposts out of soda cans. Empty and clean the cans, and then use tape or glue to attach them in the shape of goalposts. Another craft idea is to make player puppets by cutting out a player shape from used cereal boxes and add some details like a helmet and jersey number with markers. Lastly, for a fun DIY Vince Lombardi Trophy, you can glue a foam football on a glass vase and paint it to look real. These crafts are easy to make and will provide entertainment for the kids during the game.

Super Bowl Party Games for Kids

Putting together football party games for kids is perfect for getting everyone in the mood for the big game. A scavenger hunt can be an easy way to kick off the festivities. You can set up a few stations in different parts of the house or backyard and hide football-related items for the kids to find. For a more competitive game, you can set up a football minute-to-win-it game, where the kids compete to see who can complete a series of football-related challenges within one minute. Finally, print out some football print-out pages for fun and more relaxed activity and have the kids color them. Together, these games are sure to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Do you have any creative ideas for Super Bowl fun? We’d love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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