Spectra Synergy Gold Dual Powered Electric Breast Pump

Introducing the SG Dual Powered Electric Breast Pump from Spectra Baby USA. This electric breastfeeding pump uses advanced technology with dual motors allowing moms to adjust each side independently.

The first of its kind, the NEW Synergy Gold Electric Breast Pump offers advanced dual-motor technology that allows moms to adjust each breast independently! This innovative new breast pump promotes more productive pumping sessions that can save time with comfort and ease. Benefits of having a breast pump with dual motors include increasing milk supply on lower-producing breasts, treating and preventing clogged ducts, and creating a healthy milk supply for premature infants.

sg synergy gold breast pump

New Electric Breast Pump from Spectra Offers Natural Nursing Technology

With the SG Dual-Powered Electric Breast Pump, breastfeeding mamas can achieve more productive pumping sessions with comfort and ease. The “natural nursing technology” is unique and exclusive to Spectra Baby USA. With this feature, vacuum patterns closely mimic the experience of natural breastfeeding. Unlike other products, Spectra breast pumps use a gentle “suckling” pumping pattern that since 2011 has provided productive, comfortable, and successful pumping sessions that moms deserve and enjoy. This means more milk is extracted in less time.

synergy gold breast pumping with two flanges

This new electric breast pump offers the industry’s most advanced and up-to-date technology. Like all Spectra pumps, the SG is a true closed system, creating a hygienic barrier between outside contaminants and mother’s milk. This advanced technology promotes more productive pumping sessions that can save time with comfort and ease. The LED lamp shines a mild indirect light for breastfeeding in dark rooms and as a sleep lamp.

More features include:

What Makes the SG Stand Above the Rest

  • Touch screen LCD with timer control
  • Ultra quiet for discreet pumping sessions
  • 5 stages of soft massage mode settings
  • Soothing 3 level illumination night light
synergy gold led lamp

Visit Spectra Baby USA’s website to learn more. And don’t forget to check to see if you qualify for a free breast pump through insurance!

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