Social Media Promo Kit

Promoting Babypalooza on Social Media

Share internally and on social media. There’s no better way to promote an event than by sharing it on social media. Here are a few tips/requests to get the most social media traction. Share several posts over the next week

Find and like @babypalooza on social media




Accept the request to be a co-host of the Facebook Event

This is a great Facebook boost hack. As a co-host, the event will show on your Facebook calendar page too!

Send an Announcement about Babypalooza Via Email

Include what you are doing at the show and all of the information below in an email blast to employees, clients, and any partners who reach new and expectant parents

Post to Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Please post with graphics and the social media post below. Include #babypalooza and a link to the website – everyone has to register to get a free ticket.

Square Image for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
Right Click and choose “Save Image As . . .” to Download
Vertical Image to use for Instagram and Facebook Stories
Right Click and choose “Save Image As . . .” to Download