DIDYMOS Meh-Dai/Mei Tai (DidyTai) Baby Carrier Ellipsen Ruby/Mandarin (Organic Cotton), One Size

The Ellipsen features a finely woven jacquard pattern in a contemporary design of intertwined oval shapes. The pattern is woven into the fabric as opposed to being printed on the fabric. The pattern is the same on both sides with the colors inverted on the opposite side.




  • Meh-Dais / Mei Tais are a quick and simple alternative to people who wish the feel of a wrap but the structure of a buckle carrier without the buckles Can be worn on the FRONT, HIP and BACK.
  • Fully Adjustable For A Perfect Fit Each Time Regardless Of Person’S Shape Or Size; One Size Fits All Ages And Baby Stages, From Newborn To Pre-School Age.
  • Perfectly Supports Baby In An Optimal Secure Position, And Provides Comfortable Babywearing, Even As Baby Grows.
  • Allows for integrating baby care into everyday life, providing a safe and secure place for baby, all while keeping TWO HANDS FREE.
  • Beautifully woven of 100% ORGANIC COTTON, using only safe, non-toxic dyes.