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Rocket City Sling Swap Babywearing February Meeting

Want to get tips on using ring slings? Meet fellow babywearing families in the Huntsville area? Borrow a ring sling? Or ask you babywearing questions in person?

Join Rocket City Sling Swap for a Meet-up on Using Ring Slings on February 28 from 10:00 am to 11:30 us at Stovehouse in the Courtyard. The Courtyard is located on the west side of the Stovehouse complex near the parking lot located off Governor’s Drive. If available, we plan to meet under the large painted PLAY sign.

If the weather is inclement, there are covered and indoor areas adjacent to this space that we will retreat to. If area schools are closed for weather, specifically, Huntsville City Schools, the meeting will be canceled. We will post updates in case of weather.

Volunteer peer leaders will demonstrate ring slings at 10:20 AM as a group activity. Feel free to come and go as you need if you don’t need ring sling help.

Leaders will bring ring slings for use during the event and/or for checkout. A few babywearing practice dolls will be available for learning. We encourage you to use these practice dolls if it’s your first time using a ring sling, if your baby is sleeping in a stroller, if you are attending while expecting, etc.

We may have small breakout groups to help people with specific needs based on demand and available volunteers. These groups will be determined by attendees, so tell us what you need help with when you sign in upon arrival.

Everyone is welcome. Bring any members of your family who babywear and children of any age. You must supervise your children at all times. Please be aware of smaller children who are learning new skills. Running will not be permitted by children for the safety of younger children.

If you or your children have been sick in the previous 24-72 hours, please consider waiting to attend a meeting next time. Many very small babies and pregnant mothers attend. Let’s work together to keep everyone healthy by not spreading illnesses.

Volunteers strive to help answer your questions during meetings. Babywearers at the meeting will offer ideas for troubleshooting. Understand that learning to use a babywearing item takes time and practice, averaging about an hour per item for first-time use and troubleshooting. With practice, persistence, and patience, carriers, wraps, and slings get easier to use.

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