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How to Throw a “Ready to Pop” Themed Baby Shower

Looking for a simple baby shower idea? The Ready to Pop baby shower theme is easy to decorate for and is perfect whether you know the gender of your baby or are waiting to find out. From balloons to popcorn to soda pop, check out our list of ideas to help you throw a baby shower that will have your guests saying “She’s ready to pop!”

Ready to Pop Baby Shower Ideas


For this theme, you don’t even have to go out and buy invites. Just attach an uninflated balloon to a piece of cardstock that says “She’s about to pop,” then write all of the baby shower details on the back. It’s really that simple!


This will be the easiest party you ever have to decorate for. All you need is a bunch of balloons to hang on the walls, tables, and chairs. You could even go all out and have a stuffed animal floating away with them like the one pictured above — it makes a great centerpiece!

Popcorn will more than likely be featured on the food table, but it can also be used as a cute decoration. Just pop some bags and set them around the tables so there is enough for each guest.


Marshmallow Pops
How adorable are these marshmallow pops that look like rattles? They are so simple to make and your guests will love them! You could even wrap them up and place them in your party favor bags.

Lollipop Tree
A lollipop tree made with Dum Dums is another simple and cost-effective treat to put on the food table. It will also appeal to all ages at the baby shower.

Soda Pop
Of course, you’ve gotta have soda pop on the table! You could choose flavors that match the gender of your baby, or if you’re waiting to find out, you can always stick to Coca-Cola. If you want to go even further, you could add your own custom labels to the bottles.

Party Favors


Along with the rest of your baby shower, the party favors are just as simple to put together. Provide each of your guests with a mini bottle of champagne to take home with them. When you do finally pop and your little one makes his or her grand entrance, each of your family and friends will have a bottle of their own to pop open and celebrate.

Check out our She’s About to Pop Pinterest board or for other ideas click here:




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