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Can’t wait to get to the show? Order a sample box to try new products from the comfort of your home! The Babypalooza Sample Box is filled with products great for you and your baby’s first year.

Unlike the box that includes sample and trial-size products you get when you create a baby registry, the Babypalooza Box includes samples plus full-size retail products. The basic box includes a mixture of baby and maternity and postpartum products. Products vary by box.

You get the box for only the shipping and handling fee! There are NO RETURNS or exchanges on boxes.

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Try new baby products from the comfort of home! The Babypalooza Sample Box is filled with products great for you and your baby’s first year. Different than the boxes you get when you create a baby registry, the Babypalooza Box includes samples and full-size retail products.  You get the box for only shipping and handling! Each box is different but here are some of the items you may find inside: Chicco DUO Hybrid Baby Bottle The Chicco DUO Baby Bottle is the first hybrid baby bottle that combines the wellness benefits of pure glass and the convenience of plastic in one bottle. NeilMed Naspira Nasal-Oral Aspirator Unique 2-in-1 design, you can either use it as a NeilMed NasaBulb aspirator or as an effective Nasal-Oral suction device. By using the NeilMed Naspira, you can quickly remove nasal mucus safely and effectively Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle The Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle is a plush toy with Soothie, the pacifier used by healthcare professionals to calm newborns. Medela Purelan™ Cream – Natural Lanolin Cream 100% natural, single-ingredient lanolin cream. Fast relief for sore nipples and dry skin, safe for both mom and baby Plus remember those stress boobs you used to get at the shows? Look for them in the box Happy Family Mama Lactation Cookies With Flax + Brewer’s Yeast Happy Baby Organic Teethers Easy-dissolving organic blueberry teething wafers are a great first snack for developing gums. MAM Anti-Colic Bottle MAM Anti-Colic Bottles have a venting system that creates a vacuum effect to eliminate bubbles, reducing gas, colic, and reflux symptoms.

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6 reviews for Babypalooza Sample Box

  1. Rebekah Patterson avatar

    Rebekah Patterson

    Every new Mama NEEDS this box!!

    My baby girl just turned 1 a couple of weeks ago and I still eat these lactation cookies!! I feel like I should reward myself for the hard work of breastfeeding with a yummy snack!!

    The teethers are great for their little gums when they start cutting teeth.. they are messy though! I LOVE the Happy Baby food pouches! They are all-natural and not filled with all that artificial junk. Abi has gotten to where she likes to hold it herself and self-feed, which can also get pretty messy. Lol!

    The NeilMed Aspirator was a lifesaver when Abi had her first snotty nose.. it’s super easy to use and so much better than the old school suction devices.

    Abi never really liked pacifiers, except in the car so we keep the Philips Avent Soothie Snuggle in one car seat and the BooginHead Pacipal in the other.

    Of course, the Oh Sh*t Bag is filled with all the must-haves when you have a baby and are on the go! I would definitely recommend that every new mama order this Sample Box for themselves! It’s also a great baby shower gift for expecting mamas!!

  2.  avatar

    Kate Bridges

    Loved so many of the items in this box!

    Mam pacifiers and bottles were all I used with my girl. I love that the bottles have so few parts to clean, and they can also self-sterilize which is great for hotels. The pacifiers also can sterilize right in the case (when bought at the store) and they come up to 18m sizes.

    The Naspira is perfect too since it can be used with or without the straw. I still use it for my 2.5yo when she gets stuffed up too much. I love the filters so that I don’t (hopefully) get sick too.

    And the “oh sh*t kit” is an awesome emergency kit that I keep in my husband’s car for when he forgets to bring the big diaper bag.

    So many of my favorite items are in this box and I love handing out samples to my new mom friends.

  3. Crystal Galvin avatar

    Crystal Galvin (verified owner)

    Everyone needs this box! I have bought 3 of them for friends and family who are pregnant or new moms and will continue to do so. The cookies are so good! The “oh sh*t kit” makes everyone laugh and is super helpful to keep in the car for unexpected emergencies. The Naspira is so versatile and I have used it so many times for my baby throughout this allergy/cold season! It is so nice to try full size things before buying more.

  4. Kimberly Bugg avatar

    Kimberly Bugg

    Everyone needs this box! The cookies are so good! The “oh sh*t kit” was perfect for dad, lol. The Naspira is so handy, I know we will get plenty of use out of it during cold season. The teether/paci lion was perfect for my lil one, she instantly fell in love. I enjoyed being able to try out full size items that I never even knew existed. We loved everything!!

  5.  avatar

    Mira mori (verified owner)

    Great way to try out new products!

    This box contains full sized items and no samples as advertised. The value of the items inside the box far exceed the shipping cost (which I paid $15 for).

    Since I am expecting my second child it was nice that this box included items for newborns, infants starting solids, toddlers, and treats for mom.

    I received:
    – Chicco duo perfect balance bottle. This bottle is advertised as being a hybrid bottle combining both plastic and glass to create a break-proof bottle. It is long lasting, self sterilizing and it also has an anti colic nipple. I was most excited to receive this item because of its unique design.

    – 2 Bessie’s Best lactation cookies
    2 Happy Mama lactation cookies. These cookies were better than I expected them to taste. They are All natural so I was expecting an Akins/ dietary taste but they were really good.

    – Replay 6pc spoon and fork set. This was a cute set with fun colors. They are just the right size for my toddler to use.

    – 1 happy family spoon
    – 1 mam bottle
    -2 Happy Baby Organics teethers
    In blueberry and purple carrot flavor.
    – Neilmed Nasal aspirator.
    This aspirator came in handy during cold season. It is easy to use and it comes with a netted bag for travel.

    – Phillips Avent soothie snuggle pacifier. I was surprised to see this pacifier in the box. These are the cutest pacifiers ever. They average around $14.95, so to receive this in a box I only paid $15 in shipping for was a wonderful surprise. The soothie (pacifier) can be detached from the snuggle toy so that they can be cleaned separately or if you just want to use them separately. This was the best item in this box and the one I most enjoyed. It made paying for shipping for this box feel well worth it.

  6. Cecilia Pearson avatar

    Cecilia Pearson

    We are so glad you loved it! We have lots of new products coming in for our next series!!

  7. Angie Grey avatar

    Angie Grey (verified owner)

    This box is amazing! it is absolutely worth more than the $15.00. This is the only box where I received a variety of samples and not from one vendor. In my box I got the Chicco duo bottle (definitely going to buy more now), Mam anticolic bottle, Philips Avent snuggle pacifier, Medela nipple cream, Boppy stretchmark cream, HappyMama lactation cookies, breastmilk storage bags and much more. I loved that the items in the box range from prenatal care and up, I like to be prepared and getting samples for different stages really helps ease the stress of planning ahead.

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