Lil Fox Portable Diaper Bag

Single-Handed Convenience in One Crafty Little Change Mat.



It’s hard enough to hold our wiggly lil cubs with two hands, let alone holding them while also struggling with diapers, wipes and creams. But now, you can forget about change pads with tricky plastic clips and hard to access pockets because the Lil Fox Portable Change Pad was created for a quick and nimble change! In fact, it’s the ONLY diaper pad that works with one hand, with everything you need on hand!

  • Wipes Pocket holds 100 Pack of Wipes – Any Brand
  • Diaper Pocket holds At Least 5 Medium Sized Diapers
  • YKK-Zipped Pocket holds Creams, Breast Pads and Baby Accessories
  • And when you fold the Lil Fox Portable Changing Pad filled to the brim with wipes, accessories and diapers you’ll adore how it securely closes and remains compact without items spilling out.

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