Motherhood is a journey. Why not earn perks and prizes along the way?

Everyone loves how much fun it is to attend the Babypalooza Baby Expos and play games to win prizes. We wanted to bring that same atmosphere of fun here. Earning points that you can turn in for prizes is easy.

earn points for prizes

First Join the Community

When you join the community you’ll start to earn points for all of your activities from logging to reading articles. We call it learn to earn!


Then Earn Points

Getting points for prizes as you contribute to the community makes every interaction just a bit more fun. 

Log In and get points

By Completing Challenges

You can earn even more points by competing in the weekly challenges that you get through the newsletter! Challenges may include reading an article, asking a question, posting a review or completing one of the parenting courses
babypalooza member badge

To Move Up the Ranks

Earn or unlock ranks for completing specific steps and display badges and rank details on your user profile.

Babypalooza T-shirt and hat

And Get Rewards

You can use your points to purchase mommy merch including a Babypalooza t-shirt, wine tumbler, water bottle, and tickets to the monthly Mommy Mingle where we play games and give away prizes.