pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera

Baby monitors just got smarter! Introducing the pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera

The pixsee AI smart baby camera helps parents feel secure about their baby’s safety while also capturing priceless, candid moments, like a first word, big smiles, or even first steps (thanks to the camera’s multiple ‘modes’ that can adjust the camera to capture different angles).

A corresponding app lets parents keep an eye on their baby wirelessly. Here, we’ll dive into the details of what makes this baby monitor stand out from many others.

pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera design features

The pixsee baby camera has a 1080p camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens to capture the most in every photo and video it takes—and the monitor takes snapshots throughout the day, increasing the odds of snapping special moments. The camera also comes equipped with a 6-layer optical lens that can capture daytime colors more authentically, as well as advanced image correction and distortion-free technology, so images and videos are high quality. For nighttime? The camera has a ‘Nighthawk Mode’ that provides a nighttime monitoring feed that is significantly clear and crisp, giving parents greater peace of mind while checking to see how their little one is doing during the night.

As mentioned above, the pixsee baby camera has several ‘modes’ that allow you to change the viewpoint of the camera and capture different angles. This means you can have your monitor taking video and photos of your baby outside of the crib, meaning you can document even more sweet moments. These modes include:

  • Mode 1, gives a high overhead view of the crib
  • Mode 2, captures floor seat/baby booster-level footage
  • Mode 3, captures a full room (like a bedroom, living room or kitchen)
  • Mode 4, is recommended by pixsee for playtime, storytime, crawling and floor games
  • Mode 5, is a wall-mounted view of the crib

The pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera is priced at $299 and is available to purchase on Amazon.

Additional benefits of the pixsee smart baby monitor

The pixsee baby camera is packed with features to make it easy to use and ultra-helpful to parents. Some additional features include:

Alexa-happy: The pixsee supports Amazon Alexa smart home devices, meaning that once parents connect their pixsee baby camera to their Alexa, they can use various devices to ask Alexa to see pixsee’s live camera feed from any room in the house.

Night vision: To support the pixsee baby camera’s ‘Nighthawk Mode,’ the camera is equipped with a high quantum efficiency night vision CMOS sensor, providing a clear nighttime image.

Tech for ideal room conditions: The pixsee baby camera has a temperature and humidity sensor, allowing parents to make sure the baby nursery is comfortable and not getting too hot.

2-way talking and cry detection: This baby monitor comes with a 2-way talk intercom that cancels out digital noise, meaning parents can hear their baby at any time, from any room, and say things back to their baby.

The camera can even detect and alert parents if their baby is crying, and ‘decode’ the cry, providing a suggestion on whether it sounds like a cry from hunger, discomfort, or something else.

App optimization: The pixsee baby camera’s accompanying app allows parents to review and replay all snapshots and video taken throughout the day. The camera automatically takes 6 to 12 photos during the day that parents can organize into photo collages, growth charts, and digital photo albums to be shared with friends and family. 

pixsee smart camera night view

pixsee Smart Camera Security

It’s natural for parents to be cautious about any product they’re using with their baby, including (or even especially) a baby monitor. To put parents at ease and protect family privacy, pixsee adheres to data protection requirements in line with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) set forth by the EU. The camera also protects users’ personal information through the use of advanced security cryptoprocessors as well as enhanced user verification and data management protection protocols, uses commercial grade cloud data storage protection to safely store photos and videos, and protects all data during data transfers with advanced encryption standards.

What others say about the pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera

The pixsee AI Smart Baby Camera currently has a 3.8 out of 5-star rating on Amazon, with 50% of those reviews being 5-star reviews. Users who love the camera say that the HD display provides incredible imagery and that the cry decoder technology is one of the best features.

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@peepso_user_5812(Ron JC)
This camera seriously has all the bells and whistles and would be perfect for our family. As a first time mom, I love all the features it offers with the many views to help put my mind at ease. My absolute favorite part is the photos the camera can take along with the growth chart. I’ve been searching for monitors and I haven’t found one yet that can do all the things this one can.
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