Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Product Review

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Review

First-time mom Sonya found out about The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor from Babypalooza. She fell in love with it and she and her husband Brian wanted to share a review of why they love it. The Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor allows you to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels while streaming HD video and audio to your Smartphone Owlet App. Sonya and Brian say it gives them peace of mind knowing they can hear, see, and keep an eye on their baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels from anywhere.

The cam has secure, encrypted wifi, so only people you allow can have access to the stream. It also has night vision and two-way talk/background audio, so you can talk and listen to your baby from anywhere.

If you have the Owlet Smart Sock, the Owlet Cam will also pair with it to give you wellness insights for your baby like their heart rate and oxygen levels.

Hear what Sonya and Brian have to say.

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Sara Holland
Sara is the Babypalooza Community Manager and Staff Writer.

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