Babypalooza addresses the fear and loneliness first-time expectant moms often experience by giving her a live connection to people she can trust to ask questions and get answers.

Through our in-person baby expos and daily livestream learning, new parents can connect with health experts, top baby brand reps, and other parents to create a supportive community that will stay with them from pregnancy through preschool.

Our vision at Babypalooza is that when a mom finds out she’s expecting that she immediately knows that there is a safe and supportive community waiting to join her on the journey.


Babypalooza was launched August 13, 2004 by Founder and CEO, Cecilia Pearson. Starting as a glossy newsstand magazine to help parents connect to local resources and then a baby expo the year after in 2005.

The Babypalooza Baby & Maternity expo became so popular that parents where driving over 100 miles to attend, this popularity birthed the Babypalooza Tour as we hit the road and started going cities to reach and support more parents.


Babypalooza has a for-profit side for marketing and events and a 501c3 non-profit for educational outreach.

The non-profit was formed to contribute educational solutions to address the extremely high maternal and infant mortality rates in the United States. Especially among black moms who are four times more likely to die in childbirth than white moms.

According to the CDC, more than 60% of pregnancy-related deaths are preventable. Subsequently, Babypalooza seeks to decrease the impact of these conditions by using events and the digital platform to offer a network and community of mothers, non-profit service providers, for-profit partners, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders who are able to educate women on critical topics, connect them with needed resources and care, supply products, and help them plug into a support network.

  • Services provided include: BabypaloozaU our livestream learning academy for pregnancy and parenting topics
  • Exhibit grants to local nonprofits that provide ongoing parenting training for marginalized families
  • Tuition grants to train black doulas to work in underserved communities.
  • Educational and supportive community events 
Timberly Washington

Babypalooza Sponsors Doula Training

Timberly Washington, 24, was recently selected for the BirthWell Partners’ Work-Study Program in Alabama. Babypalooza was happy to pay for and sponsor her doula training.…

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