Organizing Your Social Media to Only Include What Gives You Life

 Organizing Your Social Media to Only Include What Gives You Life

Some people start the new year by buying new planners, cleaning closet shelves, and stacking shoe bins. Not me, I reset my new year by purging my social media accounts of person or business I follow that does not serve and encourage me.

As a mom, especially a new mom, I started following anyone on social media that gave the tiniest bit of hope or advice for ALL THE THINGS. If an account popped up that said: “lose that baby weight,” “heal your sore nipples,” or “get your baby to sleep through the night,” I probably followed it. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are expecting or have a new baby. If you are anything like countless other mommas, you will spend a lot of time scrolling through social media during the wee hours of the night. Being selective and organizing your social media create a more constructive and beneficial feed for you and your baby.

4 Tips for Healthy Social Media Feeds

1. Let it be Social but Not Take it Personal
his is about you and your health and wellness. Most people will not notice if you unfriend or stop following them. But if you can’t entirely pull the trigger, platforms like Instagram and Facebook have options to silence or hide accounts from your feed. Silencing an account is not as permanent as unfollowing, but you will not see the selected account’s content in your feed. If you haven’t missed their content after a few months, I encourage you to reevaluate and unfollow.

2. Listen to Your Feelings
How do you feel the second a new post from a particular account pops up? Does your anxiety heighten? Do you feel annoyed or jealous? Unfollow! Your social media is about you and what is helpful to you where you are now. If seeing your single friend who takes all the fabulous trips doesn’t make you feel good, hide or unfollow her account. Again, it’s not personal! You can still maintain relationships with people but on your terms.

3. Consolidate Accounts You Follow
You do not need to follow 20 different baby sleep specialist. Investigate and find the one specialist who aligns with your beliefs and follow and engage with this account. There are a LOT of accounts out there saying the same thing, just packaged in different branding. Look for the ones that offer evidence-based, well-researched advice.

4. Engage with the Community that Feeds you
I have found that the most significant benefit from social media is finding community and actively engaging in it. Instead of mindlessly scrolling during those late-night feedings or rocking sessions, you can check in with other mommas and find a real connection. Find authentic social media accounts with a strong following and begin engaging!

Like it or not, social media platforms have become one of the main ways we maintain and build relationships. We spend so much time on these platforms we should make sure that they are productive for our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our families. Our goal at Babypalooza is to be one of the platforms that filters out all of the noise to just give you trusted information and resources.

If you are looking for a different kind of space join my Postpartum Group or one of the other groups to connect with me and other moms. And share your thoughts, what is your experience with social media these days?