Non-Profit Grant Request

Babypalooza’s mission is to make it easy for parents to find and connect to the resources they need in their community as they grow their families. If you are a 501-c3 non-profit that provides resources and services to women, children, and families and would like to join us at Babypalooza please apply for our non-profit grant.

The grant provides a booth at Babypalooza at a discount. To apply please complete the form below.

Do your provide resources or services that benefit women, children, families free of charge?
Babypalooza is the Super Bowl of baby expos. It's important that all of our exhibitors are able to contribute to creating a great experience for attendees. Would you be able to fully staff the booth from 10AM until 2PM? Early depature is not allowed and the booth must be fully staffed at all times.
Please briefly describe what services or resources you would be promoting at your Babypalooza booth. And what type of materials will you have to give to attendees
If you recieve the non-profit discount what in-kind services could you provide to support Babypalooza and help make this a great event for the entire community?
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